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200 uurs Yoga Teacher Training Module 3 14 oktober 2021

Introduction Module 3: Which dosha do you have? A Vata - air; a Pitta - fire; or a Kapha - earth? That largely determines your actions, your likes and dislikes, your emotions and even your appearance!

Module 3 Ayurveda, the Knowledge of Life.

This is a module that will actually change your way of life. The simple and incredibly effective daily cleansing rituals of Ayurveda - once put into practice - will never let you go. You are going to feel how much wisdom your body has and how it is able to always adapt and recover. The three most effective and cheapest medicines from Ayurveda: water, honey and ghee (clarified butter). You will also find out what orientation you have: an air type, a fire type or an earth type? You will discover how much such a orientation - which you are born with - determines a lot of your physique, your behavior and your emotions!


Geschiedenis Ayurveda de weg naar gezondheid en vitaliteit (Judith H. Morrison);Ayurveda en het westerse denken A life of Balance (Maya Toward).