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200 uurs Yoga Teacher Training Module 7 12 maart 2022

Introductory Module 7: Integration. Books, all available

What if our religion was each other, if our practice was our life, if prayer our words?What if the temple was the earth, if forests were our church, if holy waters - the rivers, lakes, and oceans. What if meditation was our relationships, if the teacherw was life, if wisdom was self-knowledge, if love was the center of our being?

- Ganga White -

In module 7 we are going to integrate everything. You are going to take your written exam and prepare for your practical exam.

If possible, during this module we are going to practice a few class days in a yoga studio with each other.

The exercises or the way you are going to give a class can be discussed with the main teacher as much as possible in line with what you feel comfortable with.